Friday, 12 July 2013

The Changed Meaning Of Tattoos

Recently Bollywood Actor Hrithik Roshan and his wife Sussanne Roshan inked a tattoo on their forearm. What’s special was that both the tattoos were same. Sporting identical tattoos by the couples has become a symbol of testimony of love. This tattoo style has been renowned as his her tattoos.

His-her tattoos have become a rage among couples who want to express their love in a different and innovative manner. This is made for couples who have withstood the ups and downs of their relationship successful. At times, it also becomes the reminder of something went wrong in your life. The craze for such tattoos has gained high momentum in the country like India.

The country has always maintained a rich culture of tattooing since ages. Right from the dense and rain soaked mountains of east to the dry deserts of Kutch in the west, the tattoos have served as a way to beautify the human body. Once there was a time when it was considered as social taboo and was restricted to few low class individuals. Now, it is no more a rebellious statement. People have started considering it as an impression rather than just a design. Most people connote their affection, inspiration or some belief via the artistic designs of tattoos.

It is due to this redefined meaning of tattoos that people are accepting the concepts of his-her tattoos. Delhi is the city in India, where the art of tattooing is flourishing at an uncontrolled rate. The reason may be the creative minds of tattoo artist New Delhi or the diverse population that resides here. Whatever is the reason, tattoos in Delhi are taking high leaps and tattoo lovers visit here.

The purpose of the visit is not confined to getting inked but also grasp this beautiful art of tattooing from the tattoo artist New Delhi who has inherited the talent from their ancestors. People have a high desire for learning Indian tattoo art and thus tattoo training India has become a lucrative business in the past decade. Almost all the tattoo studios and institutes provide training to learn this art.

However, learning the art is not at all a day’s work. Apart from developing creativity and gaining excellence in your work, you need to learn all the safety measures of the art. Getting inked is an important decision as it is often permanent. Therefore, customers visit the studios with great hopes and hidden fears. A tattoo artist must understand all this and thus deliver the best results to their clients.

It would not be wrong to say that the art is not everyone’s cup of tea. Though, if a person tries to learn it by heart, it won’t be a lesson anymore. His efforts by heart will be welcomed by the art also, making him a pro soon.

The art of tattooing has covered a long journey right from being a social taboo to style statements and now as meaningful statements for people. There are many in the country, who are doing this for their parents, siblings, friends or children. A few also love to flaunt inspirational quotes, mantra and words reflecting their thoughts and imagination.

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